Ronaldo – Luca Caioli (Updated Edition)


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Ronaldo – Luca Caioli (Updated Edition).



Strength, speed and dedication:  Cristiano Ronaldo is known throughout the
world  as a colossus of the modern game.

But did you know that he underwent laser heart surgery aged just fifteen to enable him to continue playing the game he loved?

Or that Nacional, his first professional club, donated
twenty balls and two sets of kits to his youth team in order to sign him?

Or how he came to be known as abelhinha -‘little
bee’ –
a name he would later pass on to his Yorkshire Terrier?

Find out all this and more in Luca Caioli’s biography of the
global superstar, featuring exclusive insights from those who know him best and
even the man himself.

Includes all the action from the 2017/18
season and the 2018 World Cup


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